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Moral and Secular Rather Than Religious Philosophy

A California appeals court upholds a lower court ruling that Sun Worshiping Atheism is not a religion in the state's eyes. A former employee sued the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for religious ...

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6 Museums To Explore Islamic Art

Art can be a bridge to another culture. Islamic art isn’t only about the religion of Islam but about the society as well. Early Islamic art of the 7th century was influenced by other cultures, such as Roman, Byzant ...

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Hypocrisy in Religion

These days, many people who are not religious have a negative feeling towards religious people, particularly Christians. Many feel that people who call themselves Christians are spreading hate and judgment instead of b ...

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Mahalia Jackson — The Queen of Gospel

Michael Jackson might be the King of Pop, but he’s got nothing on Mahalia Jackson, who incidentally has the same last name as Michael but is unrelated to the pop singer. Mahalia was known for being a civil rights a ...

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Sacred Sites in Montana

Montana is the only state with a constitutional mandate that recognizes the cultural heritage of the American Indians and commits to preservation of their cultural integrity. Students from Kindergarten through 12th grade ...

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Archaeology Finds From 2017 Support Biblical History

In 2016, the most notable archaeological find was when the tomb of Christ was unsealed. Workmen discovered that the site was preserved better than historians expected. Unless you follow archaeology circles, you may not h ...

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Can Religion Help Manage PTSD Symptoms?

June is designated PTSD Awareness Month. The American Psychiatric Association defines PTSD as “posttraumatic stress disorder. . . . [A] psychiatric disorder that can occur in people who have experienced or witnesse ...

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Religion and Medicine

Among the wide range of faiths and religious dogmas in the world, there are some that govern or regulate certain conduct regarding medical care and procedures. From circumcision to abortion, from refusal to accept vaccin ...

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Appreciating Jazz in a Religious Setting

F. Scott Fitzgerald probably coined the phrase “Jazz Age,” a period in American history associated with Prohibition and the roaring twenties. Because jazz was so popular in the illicit speakeasies of the 1920 ...

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9 Faith Museums in Los Angeles

Most people think of Disney, Hollywood or the Dodgers when visiting Los Angeles. LA is a cultural, financial and commercial center in the United States. You may not think of religion when enjoying all LA has to offer, bu ...

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