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Historical Churches in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is the capital of Wisconsin. It’s not the biggest city in the state; that honor goes to Milwaukee. But Madison has something that Milwaukee doesn’t — the University of Wisconsin. Madison has bee ...

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Religious Persecution Around the World

In July, the State Department hosted its first-ever Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. Over 350 activists and government leaders from 80 countries came together to identify global challenges to religious freedom, ...

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Finding Religion

Some find humor in religious belief and love to share jokes. Others point to the apparent dangers of the over-zealous religious faithful and hope to put an end to religion as a force in people's lives. Still others con ...

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Four More Influential Religious Leaders in America’s History

In June, J.D. Greear was elected as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. At just 45 years old, he’s the youngest president of the SBC in the past 37 years. He’s also the first Gen Xer to take the hel ...

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6 Influential Religious Leaders in America’s History

Practically everyone is familiar with Billy Graham, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Brigham Young. While those three did amazing things through their faith in the United States, there are many others who shaped the nation th ...

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Experience History in Richmond, VA, Part 2

Richmond is home to several historic churches, many of which have their heritage in the Anglican church. Virginia was an English colony before the Revolutionary War. When the Declaration of Independence was signed, the A ...

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Experience History in Richmond, VA, Part 1

If your guilty pleasure during the summer is “The Bachelorette,” then you know that some of the dates were held in Richmond, VA. It’s estimated that Virginia tourism paid over $500,000 to have an episod ...

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Exploring Culture and Religion in San Diego

San Diego, California, doesn’t get the publicity that Los Angeles or San Francisco does, but there is a lot to see and do in the area. It’s estimated that Native Americans lived in the area for 12,000 years. ...

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Know the Story of David and Bathsheba

The Bible is full of iconic stories, many of which are alluded to in literature, art, music and film. Even if you don’t believe that the Bible is the Word of God, it’s important to understand the characters a ...

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Learn More About Faith, Culture and Religion at These Seattle Sites

In 2016, the Public Religion Research Institute reported that according to their research, Seattle, WA, tied with Portland, OR, and San Francisco, CA, as the least religious cities in the United States. Although Seattle ...

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