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The biopic Bob Marley: One Love has captured audiences worldwide with its portrayal of the legendary reggae icon's journey. While illuminating Bob Marley's sometimes chaotic and often powerfully moving career in music, t ...

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Even though it is the world’s second-largest religion, countless people around the planet know very little about Islam. In fact, what many people do believe they know about Muslim traditions and beliefs is often incorr ...

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You've likely heard that ship captains are legally able to perform weddings at sea. But is that old rumor true, and can you actually say 'I Do' while aboard a ship? Here's what to know about having a wedding at sea.

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Can you perform your own wedding? That depends. Some couples want to do it themselves, but it there are a variety of reasons it may be a smart idea to instead consider a wedding officiant rather than going it alone.

Category: Weddings Perform a Wedding

What happens if a wedding is performed with no marriage license? Is it still legal? From forgetting to neglecting, sometimes things happen, and here's what you can do if you forgot your marriage license.

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 Cultures throughout history have utilized funeral pyres to say goodbye to the dead, and you've probably seen them depicted in movies, books, and TV shows. But are they actually legal in the United States?

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In a world full of technology, some couples are hoping to get back to basics and are asking their wedding guests to refrain from using their cell phones during the ceremony. Here's how to have your own unplugged wedding.

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French for “seamanship,” matelotage represented an economic partnership between two men aboard 17th century ships. However, historians find many parallels between matelotage and modern-day same-sex marriage.

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The Bible might seem like a complete and comprehensive work, but it actually has gone through a number of heavy revisions over the centuries. The most notable shift to the text happened after Martin Luther inadvertently ...

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As Pride Month continues to evolve, the participation of various religious groups highlights an important aspect of the celebrations: the intersection of faith and identity.

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