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Vatican Declares Gender Cannot Be Changed

In a new document issued this past summer, the Vatican declared in a decidedly harsh fashion that gender is a matter of biological birth, not personal choice, and can’t be changed. Bearing the title “Male and ...

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Netflix Announces “The Two Popes” Movie Release for Thanksgiving

The new Netflix original movie “The Two Popes” has already garnered the “Sleeper of the Year” title from one Telluride Film Festival critic. The movie is, according to Netflix, an “intimate ...

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Is Pope Francis Opening the Door for Married Catholic Priests?

Last week, the Vatican formally opened renewed debate on the controversial issue of allowing married men to become ordained priests. The proposal is a prelude to the scheduled October meeting of the South American bishop ...

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Green Pope Speaks God's Mind

80529084](/assets/ulc/blog/scaled/white-robes.jpg){.alignleft .size-medium .wp-image-7882 width=300 height=200}For a billion faithful worldwide, when the pope declares a thing, God has spoken. By that standard, there sho ...

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Stop Using the Image of Pope Francis

Pope Francis might be one of the world's most popular leaders, but the Vatican has placed everyone on notice that the unauthorized use of the Pope's image and name will have serious consequences. As a public figure, does ...

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Religious Leaders Address War and Poverty

Pope Francis continues his tradition of speaking with pointed candor on urgent issues of the day, this time commenting on the awful costs, and some of the root causes, of war. President Obama headlines a panel at a Geo ...

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Christ-like Compassion

The Catholic church seems to be undergoing a transformation led by Pope Francis. While we must admit that there is certainly room for more improvement, the gestures he has extended are more in line with Christian princip ...

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Structure in the ULC

When a pope resigns, as Pope Benedict XVI did, the Catholic Church is left without a spiritual leader. Although day-to-day affairs can still be managed, as long as the papal seat is empty, the church is unable to truly ...

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