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Using ULC To Perform Wedding Ceremonies Across The US

U.S. wedding laws vary significantly from state-to-state, and even between individual counties. To help you navigate these complexities, we have created a comprehensive database that includes all the essential information about wedding laws around the country.

Using the interactive map dropdown below, simply click on any state to learn about its specific marriage rules and regulations. These pages offer clear and concise explanations as well as helpful tutorials for officiating wedding ceremonies in each state. Click on a state below to get started!

How to Officiate a Wedding

Thanks to the Universal Life Church, performing a wedding is easy! Each year thousands of people use our simple online ordination process to help happy couples tie the knot. For more information on officiating a marriage ceremony, click on the map above or visit our step-by-step guide to performing a wedding.

How to Procure Ministerial Documents

After using the Universal Life Church you will have access to your virtual ordination record online. However, the marriage officials may wish to see official documentation confirming your status as an ordained minister. We recommend contacting them to learn about any specific requirements. Use the state wedding laws map to find the contact information for your local marriage office, and visit our Minister Store page to procure any documents you might need.

State Wedding Laws