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A Day of Prayer Across Religious Lines

In 2019, Pope Francis visited Abu Dhabi. It was a historic moment when he, along with other religious leaders, formed a group of nine representatives known as the Higher Committee on Human Fraternity. This group is meant ...

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Inter-Denominational Cooperation Seeks To Save Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre Church

If you have ever visited the Holy Lands or made a pilgrimage there, one of the places you undoubtedly visited was Holy Sepulchre Church, Jerusalem’s holiest of shrines. This ancient structure, first constructed in ...

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Festival of Faiths 2018

It was a Monday, election day. Hundreds of people in the community were being deterred from voting by intimidation. The two parties in town were pitted against each other, not only politically, but also religiously. The ...

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Philadelphia Mosque Hosts Interfaith Peace Walk

Al-Aqsa Islamic Society is a community of Muslims in Philadelphia that does much more than simply offer religious services. The society has partnered with many civic organizations to bring art, social services and unity ...

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Interfaith Celebration of Passover and Easter

This year, families who have both Jewish and Christian heritage will experience an overlap of Passover and Easter. Is there a way to have an interfaith holiday without it turning into a celebration where the kids are loo ...

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Interfaith Baptism Ideas for Children

In the Christian faith, many infants are baptized or christened after birth as a way of demonstrating that the child will be raised in the faith. During the ceremony, godparents are usually named for the child. Today's g ...

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One House, Three Faiths

Jerusalem is often considered one of the holiest cities, not only by Christians and Jews, but those of the Islamic faith as well. During one period in history, the city was thought to be the center of the world. Jews oft ...

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Modern Christmas: A Patchwork of Traditions

Despite the fact that Christmas has traditionally been considered a Christian holiday, the fact is the version we collectively celebrate is actually a combination of the traditions of many different religions and culture ...

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ULC Topics: The Value of Religious Diversity

This blog post extensively uses analogies that might not make sense to you. If this is the case, chalk your confusion up to writer's error on the Universal Life Church's part but please do not discount the content of thi ...

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The Rise Of the Non Denominational Church

Christianity has been divided by denominations for centuries. However, a recent trend has appeared where spiritual Christians are choosing to discard those divisions in favor of non-denominational churches. In 1990, fe ...

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