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The mark of a healthy organization is its ability to grow in new directions. This can be more difficult than it seems on the surface. Your congregation likely has clear ideas of what it expects from the church, and any a ...

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In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the CARES Act was estabilshed to provide financial relief to certain small businesses, non-profits, and churches.  But should churches turn down this assistance on principle?

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In parts of southern Pakistan, Hindus are feeling pressure to convert to Islam, and there is some debate as to whether the conversions were forced, voluntary, or somewhere in between.

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As requirements for face masks become mandatory, then optional, then mandatory again, some wonder about the purpose and effectiveness of anti-burqa laws.

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A Nevada church attempts to fight for religious gatherings in the Supreme Court; if they succeed will this cause a spike in COVID deaths among Nevada churchgoers?

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The Supreme Court has recently taken a stand on employment laws and how they apply to religious schools. Its decision will better allow religious schools and similar organizations to pick and choose who they hire and who ...

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Church leaders tend to use a lot of metaphors about family. They want to create a loving, homey environment where everyone feels cared for and welcome. Your church family may not always see eye to eye, but ideally you sh ...

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A healthy church is like a big family. Members may disagree every once in a while, but overall, you should expect that others love and support you, and you should feel free to offer the same care in return. When church n ...

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In 2003, Betsy Greer coined the term "craftivism" to encompass gentle, beautiful ways that creatives can make a difference in the world. Art has long been at the forefront of activist movements, challenging accepted norm ...

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Climate change initiatives, particularly those led by people who lean to the left of the political spectrum, may not currently be in the forefront of your congregation's concerns. Caring for creation is not a political p ...

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