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The Shooting of a Buddhist Monk in North Carolina

Five months ago, on Saturday, July 18, a Buddhist monk in a temple in North Carolina was shot and killed. The bullet that killed him was fired from outside and hit him after going through the wall of the temple. Whether ...

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Buddhism and Euthanasia

One of the central themes of almost all religions is death or, more specifically, what becomes of us when we die. The teachings of almost every faith focus on attempting to explain death and dying and how it fits in with ...

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Buddhist Meditation: The Answer to Workplace Anxiety?

You probably know all about workplace anxiety. Whether it’s attempting to impress your boss, trying to fulfill your responsibility to land that important new account, or falling into the grip of what has come to be ...

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Karma: What Goes Around Comes Around

Some people think that karma is synonymous with fate. Others think that it is a system of rewards and punishments. Still others think that karma is yet another bunch of hooey that people glom onto when things don’t ...

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Thoughts and Actions

The recent admission of online infidelity by New York Representative Anthony Weiner may have come as no surprise to you. Given his cryptic answers when questioned about the situation, there was certainly room to d ...

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