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Who Was John the Baptist’s Mother?

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. Much of the Christmas story focuses on his mother, Mary, but there’s another important woman who played a role in the birth of Christ. She doesn’t get a lot of press i ...

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Study Shows Religion Can Positively Impact Health

People going through a health crisis often find that their religious faith helps them get through the tough times. It gives them something to believe in and it also comforts them by putting their faith in a higher powe ...

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Thanksgiving Hymns

Thanksgiving may not be known for its music, as the holiday usually gets overshadowed by Christmas songs. Here are six traditional Thanksgiving hymns to add to your playlist. “We Gather Together” This hymn ...

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7 Ways to Appreciate Your Pastor All Year

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. It’s admirable to want to make sure your pastor is appreciated, but one month can’t undo the damage of the rest of the year. Pastors are especially prone to burnout and e ...

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New Hampshire’s Historical Churches and Religious Sites

As one of the original 13 colonies, New Hampshire is the fifth-smallest state in the country. It’s known for skiing and other winter sports, fall foliage and summer cottages. New Hampshire is home to Dartmouth Coll ...

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Understand the Stories Behind These Four Hymns

The stories behind the music can often make the words come alive. Many people believe that the traditional Christian hymns are outdated. Some are, while others still have beautiful sentiment. Here are a few stories behin ...

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Harvard Study Relates Well-Being With Religious Upbringing

If you’ve ever tried taking sullen, grumpy kids who don’t want to go to church or synagogue, you’re not alone. Over the past few decades, it’s been argued whether kids should attend religious serv ...

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Pew Research Categorizes Religious Typology

Religious denominations are just one way that Americans classify themselves. The differences between denominations might be huge. It’s hard to imagine Muslims finding much common ground with Catholics when you look ...

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Religious

Should deep religious principles require believers to shun material wealth? Can a spiritual practice built on principles of fundamental faith in the future and respect for all creatures sustain changes in lifestyles th ...

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6 Movies That Hide Christian Themes

Finding movies that are uplifting, engaging and inspiring doesn’t have to be difficult. Although none of these movies are out at the box office, you can find them through streaming services or on Amazon. Curl up wi ...

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