Universal Life Church

Minister's Cassock

$49.99 & In Stock

Look the part with this custom ULC cassock. This garment is used for services as well as official ministerial ceremonies. This pastor robe is machine washable.

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Minister's Cassock Details

This product comes with a Clergy Collar insert.

This beautifully tailored Italian-style cassock is custom made for the Universal Life Church and its ministers. The fabric is lightweight and breathable for your comfort. The sleek black cassock features a traditional ministerial white collar which is removable and washable. This item helps complete your clerical apparel collection and looks regal when paired with the ULC Alpha Omega Stoles.

Size - Neck(inches)

  • S - 15.5
  • M - 16
  • L - 17
  • XL - 18
  • XXL - 19
  • XXXL - 20

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