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Giving Up on Your Bible Reading Plan? Give It One More Chance

It’s that time of year when New Year’s resolutions begin to wane. Life gets in the way. Maybe you just didn’t know what you were thinking. If you made a resolution to read through the Bible this year an ...

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Ehrman's Take on Phantom Bible Verses

The Universal Life Church has been intrigued by "phantom Bible verses" and other phenomena that exemplify using religion to further human ends, here is Bart D. Ehrman's take on it. Prolific and provocative Bible Scholar ...

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Same Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe

by John Boswell Apparently, according to John Boswell, same sex unions used to be alright by the Catholic Church before the advent of science and such. He makes a compelling argument in "Same-Sex Unions in Pre-Modern E ...

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One Soul, Many Lives by Roy Stemman

My thoughts on reincarnation before reading this book: Probably not. My thoughts on reincarnation after reading this book: Probably not me? Similar to near death experiences, an experienc ...

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God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong

Where two conversational taboos meet, Jim Wallis artfully crafts a painfully accurate discussion on America's shortcomings and the possibilities for change and improvements. Jim Wallis has done something big. He has com ...

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The Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples

This Legal Guide is a great resource for lesbian and gay couples in almost every situation. Wading through red tape and legalities is never simple, however, for marginalized populations it can be astoundingly and eart ...

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Reaching Beyond the Void

Miraculous Moments: True Stories Affirming that Life Goes On Elissa al-Chokhachy, MA, RN, CHPN Birth, death and the order in which they fall are some of the only universal truths and consistencies throughout the entiret ...

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Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Scott Cunningham's exhaustive work on magical herbs details the uses of hundreds of common to rare plants used by those practice Wicca. It's no secret that effective medicines don't always come from a bottle. Nature, ...

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Richard Dawkins and the God Delusion

He is unapologetic and fanatical in his argument against religion and religious fundamentalism. In his book, The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins seeks to refute the idea of a personal god. He concludes that there is absolu ...

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The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need

A staple in the libraries of astrologers and the astrologically curious, The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need has recently been updated and republished in order to be more applicable to today's reader. The revamped a ...

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