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Churches Buck Coronavirus Precautions

Many churches still place their congregations at unnecessary risk of coronavirus by continuing to hold in-person services, choir rehersals, and fellowship gatherings. When does "religious freedom" go too far?

Category: Health and Wellness

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How To Talk to Your Kids About Religion as Secular Parents

As secular parents, you may feel that any religious discussion is a non-issue, as why introduce your kids to something you yourself don’t believe? Good question. While secularism is on the rise, new parents or soon-to ...

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Appeals Court Rules 34-Foot Cross in Public Park Not "Religious Symbol"

The Bayview Park Cross in Pensacola, Florida can stay, per a new Appeals Court ruling. They ruled that, given the cross's long tenure in the park, it's no longer a religious symbol, but a neutral symbol of the community.

Category: freedom from religion

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Guiding a Wayward Child Back to the Church of Latter-day Saints

If your child, regardless of age, has chosen to leave the Church of Latter-day Saints, you may feel burdened by his or her decision. You may also feel that the decision is a failure on your part. Could you have done more ...

Category: Morality Spirituality Christianity

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Religious Restrictions and Hostilities Increasing Around the World

The results of a new international Pew Research Center study show that both governmental restrictions and governmental and nongovernmental religious hostilities have significantly increased around the world during the pa ...

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Muslim in America

A Muslim from Malaysia adapts to a new role outside the cultural norms when she comes to the U.S. to attend university. A U.S.-born Muslim at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) finds community and brotherhood ...

Category: Islam Religion

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Religious Rights on the Job

In legal cases, issues arise as to whether, and to what degree, employers can circumvent laws against discrimination. Some companies claim the right to refuse service to same-sex couples or to refuse to provide their emp ...

Category: Religion Citizens Rights

Religious Freedom Discrimination

10 Countries Where Religious Freedoms Are Violated

Living in America offers certain freedoms. Although many believe that religious freedom in America is under attack, we’re very fortunate to be living in a country where we can worship in a way we choose. We’r ...

Category: Religion

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Religious Freedom at Its Roots

When you think about Rhode Island, what comes to mind? It's the smallest state, but it doesn't have much to its name. The official nickname is "The Ocean State," because 14 percent of its total area is water. Although Rh ...

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Does Religious Freedom Legislation Really Work?

Last year, we watched as many states tried to pass "bathroom bills," limiting where transgender people could go to use the facilities. But it wasn't just the transgender community that faced legislation that would limit ...

Category: Freedom of Religion Morality Religion

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