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7 Great Tips for Your Winter Wedding

The weather outside may be frightful during winter in most parts of the country, but love blooms in any kind of weather. And your winter wedding can likewise blossom if you just put a little extra thought into it and tak ...

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Learning About Mortality From Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius (121–180 AD) was a Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher. He’s most remembered today for his plethora of pithy comments such as the following: Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Eve ...

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Seven Deadly Sins - Pride, Part 2

Pride is a driving force in drama. Combine pride with ambition and greed and you can bring down the hero and/or villain. “Beauty and the Beast” opens with the Beast refusing to provide shelter for the old wom ...

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Seven Deadly Sins- Pride, Part 1

Pride is defined as “a high or inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.” Probably the most famous ...

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Seven Deadly Sins — Envy

Ever wonder where the phrase “green-eyed monster” comes from? The green-eyed monster refers to someone who is motivated by jealousy and envy. The first recorded use of the phrase is from Shakespeare. During t ...

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Seven Deadly Sins — Wrath

Wrath is defined as “intense anger.” The Catholic Encyclopedia says that it is a desire of vengeance and that “it becomes sinful when it is sought to wreak vengeance upon one who has not deserved it, or ...

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Seven Deadly Sins - Sloth

The adorable animal that’s called a sloth is a good example of the sin this week. It only moves about 41 yards each day. It has an extremely slow metabolic rate, which gives it the sluggish pace in the forest. A sl ...

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Seven Deadly Sins - Greed

Greed, also known as avarice, is defined as “an inordinate or insatiable longing for material gain.” Typically, greed refers to material wealth, but it can also apply to power, status and food. How is greed ...

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Seven Deadly Sins – Gluttony

Gluttony is usually associated with overeating, but it really has to do with overconsumption. In “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” Augustus Gloop, the first child who has an accident, almost drowns in the ...

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Seven Deadly Sins - Lust

The Catholic Education Resource Center defines lust as "the inordinate desire for sexual pleasure." Typically, lust is associated with sexual sins, but it would be fair to describe lust as “desire.” There is ...

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