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You've likely heard that ship captains are legally able to perform weddings at sea. But is that old rumor true, and can you actually say 'I Do' while aboard a ship? Here's what to know about having a wedding at sea.

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Can you perform your own wedding? That depends. Some couples want to do it themselves, but it there are a variety of reasons it may be a smart idea to instead consider a wedding officiant rather than going it alone.

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Have you been asked to perform a wedding? Part of your duties as an ordained minister is filling out the marriage license. Though this sounds intimidating, it's quite easy, especially with this guide we've put together.

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Being given the job of officiating a wedding can be very exciting. In order to go above and beyond for the couple who asked you to take on this task, you need to be prepared in every respect for the duties of your statio ...

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There are several important elements involved in marrying a couple. While you want to put thought behind becoming ordained for wedding officiating duties, you also have to consider the words you use throughout the event. ...

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Learn what it means to be an ordained minister, how to get ordained online, and how to put one's ordination to use performing ceremonies like marriages, funerals, and various religious and spiritual rites.

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Officiating a wedding is not as complicated as many people believe. Still, it can be a huge honor. If you’ve been asked to preside over the ceremony of a couple you care about, then put thought behind how you go about ...

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Getting married can be a whirlwind experience, With so many tasks to cross off your to-do list, there are bound to be a handful of decisions that fall to the wayside. For example, you likely know the protocol surrounding ...

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A wedding is an important step for a couple. This is the point when two people in love decide to commit on a deeper and more meaningful level. Though you may have some idea of what this type of ritual looks like in your ...

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Everyone has dreams and goals that they hope to achieve at some point in their lives. If your dream is to learn how to marry people, there are several tasks to add to your to-do list. By educating yourself, making your o ...

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