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Universal Life Church Ministries Wins Legal Victory in Battle with Tennessee

Despite the efforts made by Tennessee officials, the ULCM remains committed to defending the Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms of their ministers in Tennessee and elsewhere. Read the latest on our legal battle here.  

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Universal Life Church Sues Tennessee to Protect Online Ordination

The Universal Life Church Ministries filed a lawsuit against Tennessee to block a recently-passed law that would bar ministers who received their ordination online from performing weddings

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Resources the ULC Offers

Many of the ministers who come to the ULC do so for one purpose, to officiate at a friend's wedding. You are not required to do anything to become ordained through the ULC. There is no training or courses that you have t ...

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9 Reasons to Become an Ordained ULC Minister

Many people have a hard time believing that ordination through the Universal Life Church is legitimate, but it's true. Ministers of the ULC are real ministers. The ULC is a real church, with a charter, doctrine of belief ...

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How to Become a Jedi Knight

How to Become a Jedi Knight When the movie Star Wars was released in 1977, it became a phenomenal hit. The quest, the heroes, and daring rescue of the heroine transported viewers to a different movie experience. Howev ...

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Why Get Ordained as an Interfaith Minister?

By facilitating interfaith ministers through its open ordinations, the Universal Life Church (ULC) has helped to establish crucial avenues for dialogue and cooperation between diverse religious traditions. In this era of ...

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Structure in the ULC

When a pope resigns, as Pope Benedict XVI did, the Catholic Church is left without a spiritual leader. Although day-to-day affairs can still be managed, as long as the papal seat is empty, the church is unable to truly ...

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ULC to Host Gay Wedding Event - Universal Life Church

As a longtime supporter of marriage equality, the Universal Life Church Ministries was not content to celebrate the passing of Referendum 74, and the subsequent legalization of gay marriage in Washington state, by itself ...

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ULC Presents: the ULC Topics Blog Series

Those of you who actively follow this site's Universal Life Church blog will have seen a couple of posts with the prefix "ULC Topics" in the past couple of weeks. These two posts are the first in a lengthy series that ...

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Legal Status Of The ULC Ordination

The ULC Ministries staff frequently receives questions about the legality of its online ordinations, and we can't blame the people who ask these questions for being a little curious or even apprehensive about them. Our ...

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