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Green New Deal Picks Up Significant Christian Support

In the never-ending debate over climate change and what, if anything, America should do about it, the Green New Deal, a resolution sponsored by two Democrats, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Sen. Ed Markey ...

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Geological Evidence Suggests That Noah’s Flood Could Have Actually Happened

The book of Genesis in both the Hebrew and Christian Bible contains the story of God instructing Noah to build an ark so that he, his family, and two of every species of animal could escape the ravages of the coming worl ...

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Things Churches Can Do To Be More Eco-Friendly

Earth Day might be a ways behind us but going green in the church is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint and help the earth. Plus, it could save your congregation a few dollars on your utilities. Here are some sug ...

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Songs To Take You Into Fall

Butternut squash, beautifully colored leaves and football games are just a few of the best things about fall. Pumpkin-spice-latte season is always greatly anticipated by coffee lovers. It’s time to update your play ...

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Celebrate Autumn

George Eliot said, "Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns." In September, it's time to think about back-to-school, football, the ...

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Religious and Sacred Places in Alaska, Part 1

Alaska’s nickname is The Last Frontier. Although it’s the least populated state in the nation, it’s one of the most populated areas above the 60th parallel in North America. Most of Alaska’s resid ...

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Take in Native American Culture in Oklahoma, Part 2

Oklahoma has so many places to explore Native American culture that it will take two posts to get through them all. Here are more sites in Oklahoma that are dedicated to the native people of the Americas. Spiro Mounds A ...

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Green Pope Speaks God's Mind

80529084](/assets/ulc/blog/scaled/white-robes.jpg){.alignleft .size-medium .wp-image-7882 width=300 height=200}For a billion faithful worldwide, when the pope declares a thing, God has spoken. By that standard, there sho ...

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Faith Groups Instrumental in Providing Disaster Relief

After watching some of the major disasters over the past several months, Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, forest fires in the western U.S and earthquakes in Mexico, most people's empathy is on high. Those who have gone unaf ...

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Eco-Friendly Funerals and Religious Beliefs

Although you won't find the phrase "ashes to ashes" in the Bible itself, you will find many scriptures talking about how our bodies begin and end as dust. Where did that phrase come from? It's actually from the "Book of ...

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