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10 Fascinating Facts About Halloween You Probably Didn’t Know — Part I

Halloween, that beloved holiday of trick-or-treat, costumes and masks, jack-o-lanterns, children’s and adults’ parties, and outrageous sugar highs, is almost upon us. But do you know why we celebrate this hol ...

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8 Times You Should Take Off Your Wedding Ring

If you’re an engaged or married woman, especially one newly engaged or married, your heart likely leaps every time you look down and see your sparkly ring(s) on your left hand. Not only are they beautiful, but they ...

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10 Universal Truths by Which We All Live — Part II

Last week, in Part I of this series, we started exploring universal truths and listed five of them. This week in Part II, we talk about five additional universal truths. 6. Happiness Is a Fleeting Emotion Despite the f ...

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10 Universal Truths by Which We All Live — Part I

It’s hard not to think that we’re alone in the world and that our thoughts, happiness, suffering, irritation, disappointment, etc., are unique only to us. We especially tend to believe this when things go wro ...

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Cultural Centers in Sacramento

As the capital of California, Sacramento is major city that is known as a financial and economic hub, but it’s also considered a “hipster” city that has an evolving contemporary culture. The Spanish wer ...

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4 Female Nobel Laureates to Put on Your Biography Reading List

If you’re a reader, you most likely don’t need any help finding books. It’s all too easy to find novels that will transport you through words to other places and times. But sometimes you need a nonficti ...

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A Female Composer of the 17th Century

When you think of composers from the past, most people are familiar with Handel, Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. Male composers seem to dominate the territory. We’d wager that many of our readers couldn’t name a ...

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Women to Know: Elizabeth Ann Seton

Seton Hall University in New Jersey was named in Elizabeth Ann Seton’s honor. She has quite a few Roman Catholic churches named for her. The Elizabeth Seton High School in Maryland holds her name. The largest Catho ...

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Signs You Are Meant to Be a Leader

When you think of great leaders, a few people may come to your mind. You may think of someone who changed the world, people in your church, or members of your family. Leaders are people who are able to take charge and ma ...

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Should Breastfeeding Be Allowed in Public?

Parents often receive an incredible amount of judgement and opinion when trying to raise their children. Even seemingly simple decisions are often met with unsolicited advice or head shaking from those who think they k ...

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