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Can Science and Religion Coexist?

Understanding Where Science Denial Comes From Those of us who are concerned about the effects resistance to science on issues like climate change denial, evolution, and stem cell research have more than likely spent s ...

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God is Dead?

Is Religion on the Way Out Among Young People? In 1966, Time magazine published one of its most memorable and infamous front covers. In red font against a simple black background were the words, "Is God Dead?" The att ...

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Soccer as Religion?

Soccer as Religion: Experiencing the World Cup 2014 As the World Cup 2014 continues, the world is beginning to see soccer fever take over the globe. Many individuals around the world see soccer as religion, particularly ...

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Weird Religions

Unusual Religions Around the World While there are a large number of weird religions and cult followings in existence, there are a few lesser-known belief systems that may shock you. Aetherius Society If you believe i ...

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The Real Noah’s Ark, $73 Million

There are many different ways for people to celebrate their faiths, whether they are Jewish, Mormon, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim or anything in between. Those who chose to exercise their beliefs in the context of an orga ...

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Man of the Year: Pope Francis

Since Pope Francis was elected Bishop of Rome in February, he has been drawing a younger crowd to the Catholic faith with his more moderate and even liberal views on controversial political topics. Since he began his pap ...

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Threats to the American Family

64551407](/assets/ulc/blog/scaled/red-blue-usa.jpg){.alignleft .size-medium .wp-image-7542 width=300 height=294}As a wedding officiant, you may be asked to perform a ceremony of which you disapprove. You are encouraged t ...

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Comparitive Religion: the World Turtle

There has been no shortage of stories and theories that have attempted to explain how the world came into existence, many of them from religion. Why so many stories across different cultures share similar explanations is ...

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Perilous Faith Journey

Fervent belief in divine protection is a common tenet of many r****eligious faiths, and brings many people the world over great comfort. But sometimes the cloak of certainty can smother the flame of realistic expecta ...

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ULC Topics: The Value of Religious Diversity

This blog post extensively uses analogies that might not make sense to you. If this is the case, chalk your confusion up to writer's error on the Universal Life Church's part but please do not discount the content of thi ...

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