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Sermons Across the Denominations: How Do They Compare?

An analysis of over 50,000 sermons from 6,431 U.S. Christian churches over an eight-week span revealed striking differences between the lengths and content of the sermons of Christianity’s four major denominations. Som ...

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10 Religions You’ve Probably Never Heard About

Believe it or not, around 4,200 different religions exist around the world. Some, like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism, are well known and account for most of the world’s population. But never ...

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Could an Online Church Be Right for You?

In December, the New York Times printed an article in the Sunday Review called “Internet Church Isn’t Church.” The author makes the point that coming together with others is the point of going to servic ...

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Understand the Stories Behind These Four Hymns

The stories behind the music can often make the words come alive. Many people believe that the traditional Christian hymns are outdated. Some are, while others still have beautiful sentiment. Here are a few stories behin ...

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Mobile Places of Worship

Japan’s 2020 Olympics will have a new place of worship for the thousands of Muslims expected to attend the quadrennial sports events. The Yasu Project has created what they believe to be the first mosque on wheels, ...

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Religions on the Run

The monastery of St. Matthew near the plains of Nineveh, Iraq, dates back to the fourth century. It once drew 7,000 pilgrims and monks for study and worship during the Christian years of the Roman Empire. Now there are ...

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7 Sacred Sites in Kansas

“Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.” Most people might associate Kansas with “The Wizard of Oz,” but this state has more to offer than tornadoes, the Kansas City Chiefs pro footbal ...

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A Tour of Wisconsin Religious Sites

The state of Wisconsin is known as America’s Dairyland, famous for its cheese production. There’s much more to the state than just cheese, the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Brewers. Wisconsin gained stateho ...

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Scientific Studies About Boosting Your Mood

"Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will." Zig Ziglar Moods can go up and down each day, sometimes even several times in an hour. Staying positive has been shown to have positive ...

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Historic Churches in Portland, Maine

Maine was the 23rd state to join the union in 1820. The state has never produced a United States president, but many famous artists, actors and professional sports players were born in the state. Stephen King, author of ...

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