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Helping Holiday Guests Feel Welcome

If you regularly welcome people into your home, you probably have a great setup in your guest room already. You make sure there are extra blankets, a charging station by the bedside and plenty of reading material just in ...

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As COVID-19 Continues To Delay Weddings, Couples Are Losing Money

Weddings are often incredibly expensive affairs. While costs can vary depending on individual decisions, the average couple in the United States still spends over $30,000 on their big day. These expenses generally includ ...

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Religious, Spiritual and Cultural Centers in Iowa

Every four years during the presidential election, Iowa makes headlines. Des Moines, the capital city, is the site of the first caucuses of the primary. Although Iowa isn’t one of the largest states or most populou ...

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Visit Savannah, Georgia, for Culture

In 2016, Travel & Leisure named Savannah, Georgia, number 5 on their “Best Cities for Culture in the United States” list. The city is the oldest in the state of Georgia, established in 1733. During the Am ...

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Places To Explore Faith and Culture in Houston

Houston is making headlines after former President George H. W. Bush died. His body will lie in repose at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, which is reportedly the largest Episcopal congregation in North America. St. ...

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7 Sites in Dover, Delaware, for Faith and Culture

Delaware was the first of the original 13 colonies to ratify the US Constitution. Its capital, Dover, was named by William Penn, who referenced the port city in England by the same name. Originally, the capital of Delawa ...

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6 Places to Explore Native American Culture in Kansas City

The Native American community is the oldest ethnic population in the Kansas City area. While Kansas City, Missouri, might be called the “BBQ Capital of the World,” “Cowtown” and “Paris of th ...

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New Hampshire’s Historical Churches and Religious Sites

As one of the original 13 colonies, New Hampshire is the fifth-smallest state in the country. It’s known for skiing and other winter sports, fall foliage and summer cottages. New Hampshire is home to Dartmouth Coll ...

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Cultural Centers in Sacramento

As the capital of California, Sacramento is major city that is known as a financial and economic hub, but it’s also considered a “hipster” city that has an evolving contemporary culture. The Spanish wer ...

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Historic Churches in the Bold New City of the South

The tragic deaths that occurred at a Jacksonville, FL video-game tournament last month, shocked the country. It’s always heartbreaking to see anyone die, especially under such horrible circumstances. In addition to ...

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