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Have A Friend Ordained To Perform Your Wedding - Universal Life Church

The following is a story submitted to us by a young, recently-married man from our home city of Seattle who discovered how easy it was to have a friend get ordained online in order to officiate his wedding ceremony. I ...

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Online Ordination Frequently Asked Questions

An online ordination can be obtained through the Universal Life Church, also referred to as the ULC, an online ministry operating in Seattle, WA. This legal, government-recognized ordination will provide you with your mi ...

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Rule Concerning ULC Ministers Ordaining Others

Ministers of the Universal Life Church are welcome to ordain laypeople from their personal, independent ministries, as well as their friends and family members, if both parties are interested in doing so. Our ministers a ...

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Online Ordinations: The Latest Trend?

The convenience and informality of online ordinations are causing it to become increasingly popular throughout the US An increasingly large number of Americans are discovering that there are many reasons to become an or ...

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