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United States of ... Crazy Wedding Laws?

So you have everything in place for your wedding, and look forward to a lifetime of bliss. However, there are quite a few states that have some weird wedding laws (or at least laws to consider when planning a wedding) in ...

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Misconceptions About Online Ordinations

There are many common misconceptions about online ordination through the Universal Life Church (ULC) and this is to set the record straight. Some of these concerns stem from potential ministers' interactions with other c ...

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Seattle Doomed, Says Bible

Thousands of Seattle residents are fleeing the city this week following the announcement of its imminent destruction. Not due to a natural disaster or terrorist attack, but as a direct result of the wrath of God himsel ...

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Chicago Pagan a Good Example of a ULC Minister - Universal Life Church

Universal Life Church minister to perform many December weddings Pamela Magnuson, a Universal Life Church Ministries minister since June 2011, is preparing for a busy holiday wedding season at her Mount Prospect, Ill. ...

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10 Reasons You Should Become Ordained Online

Online Ordinations Are Similar to Regular Ordinations The modern world has made the ordination process, which used to be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming, something that can be accomplished with ease by any ad ...

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ULC Ministers Can Perform Gay Weddings

ULC Ministers Can Perform Gay Weddings UPDATE: As of 2015, ministers can perform legally binding same-sex marriages in all 50 states. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: On Nov. 6, 2012, voters in Maine, Maryland, and Washington secu ...

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About The ULC's Ordination Certificate

Where You Can Find The ULC's Ordination Certificate The Universal Life Church Ministries's ordination certificate can only be found in the Ministry Products section of , where all the forms of ministerial documentatio ...

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How To Get An Ordained Minister License

Someone who is looking to get an ordained minister license has two options on how to do so. They can either attend a conventional bible college, theological school, or seminary or become legally ordained online through a ...

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LA Wedding Woman: ULC Ministers

Elysia Skye and her sister, Arielle Haze are professional wedding officiants who received their ministry license from the Universal Life Church Ministries. Rev. Haze and Rev. Skye founded LA Wedding Woman and offer three ...

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About The ULC's Non Denominational Ordination

A concern frequently raised by those who are interested in becoming ordained online through the Universal Life Church Ministries pertains to what exactly our non denominational ordination means. These laypeople general ...

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