An online ordination can be obtained through the Universal Life Church, also referred to as the ULC, an online ministry operating in Seattle, WA. This legal, government-recognized ordination will provide you with your minister license and the right to perform wedding ceremonies as a minister, pastor, or priest (or whatever religious title you choose) throughout the United States. If your question is not answered here, please visit the full FAQ page for more information.

Online Ordination Frequently Asked Questions

What It Takes To Get An Online Ordination

In order to become an ordained minister, you must apply through the ULC Ministries' website with your legal name, address, and e-mail address. This can be done online for free within the space of a couple of minutes. Your minister license will entitle you to perform a number of religious ceremonies, including weddings, baptisms, and funerals. With an online ordination from the Universal Life Church, you are even able to start your own ministry and preach to your own congregation.

Theological Training Requirements

Ordinarily, strict ministerial training, theological education, and experience are required to obtain a minister license, but the ULC is a religious group that aims to help all people become ordained and thus does not have these stringent requirements. It believes that everyone has the birthright to perform all of the duties and services ministers with conventional ordinations are able to do without the hassle of undergoing formal training. The church thus does not make spiritual or training demands of ministerial applicants, because they believe in catering to a wide audience of religious individuals. They firmly believe that all individuals have the right to practice their own religious beliefs without constraint, and urge its ministers to remember that "We are all children of the same universe".

Services Provided By The ULC

The Universal Life Church provides a wide variety of training materials to its ministers, including a forum and an active social network. These materials allow newly ordained ministers to become acquainted with all the possibilities of their new legal and spiritual abilities. Online church services are also provided to allow ministers to remain connected with each other and to provide opportunities that allow for the spreading of spiritual wealth and ideas. Ministerial and church supplies are also offered in the ULC's church store that will help their ministers start new ministries and conduct wedding services with their online ordination.

Monetary Requirements

No purchases are necessary to become an ordained minister. The entire ordination process, and all the training materials the ULC supplies, are free. However, county clerks in some states require its ministers to present proof of ordination; all of these forms of documentation are sold at low cost in the Ministry Products section of the ULC's website. The church's munificence is motivated by their desire to encourage freedom of religion and it only asks that each minister promote and allow this freedom to blossom within their ministries and the services they provide.

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