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Can I Perform a Wedding on Video Chat During the Pandemic?

One of the best things about being a ULC minister is that you have a lot of flexibility for how to hold a ceremony. But can you perform a wedding via Zoom during the coronavirus shutdown? That's a complicated question. 

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Religious Persecution Around the World in 2016

In the United States, it's the FBI that watches the number of hate crimes each year. The last year the data was available, the most persecuted group in America based on religious hate was the Jews. Muslims are a close se ...

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How to Fill Out a Couple's Marriage License

So you want to perform a wedding ceremony? As a minister, even a minister ordained online, it is your job as the wedding officiant to complete the couple's marriage certificate. While it may seem slightly intimidating ...

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Survival of Fittest: Evolution vs Creation

Earlier this week, Bill Nye "the Science Guy" debated Creation Museum founder Ken Ham at Ham's facility in Kentucky. The two discussed if creationism as a literal interpretation of the Bible is a viable model for explain ...

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Threats to the American Family

64551407](/assets/ulc/blog/scaled/red-blue-usa.jpg){.alignleft .size-medium .wp-image-7542 width=300 height=294}As a wedding officiant, you may be asked to perform a ceremony of which you disapprove. You are encouraged t ...

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Misconceptions About Online Ordinations

There are many common misconceptions about online ordination through the Universal Life Church (ULC) and this is to set the record straight. Some of these concerns stem from potential ministers' interactions with other c ...

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Immigration Law and Marriages Performed by ULC Wedding Officiants

Blog by guest-writer Andre Olivie, Immigration Attorney The status of marriages officiated by Universal Life Church ministers is well-established when both parties are citizens of the United States. To unde ...

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Is Belief in an Angry God Bad for Your Health?

Does believing in an angry God cause mental illness? That was the question tackled by a team of scientists who studied the relationship between belief about God and mental health. What they found was that certain beliefs ...

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Why Get Ordained as an Interfaith Minister?

By facilitating interfaith ministers through its open ordinations, the Universal Life Church (ULC) has helped to establish crucial avenues for dialogue and cooperation between diverse religious traditions. In this era of ...

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ULC Recipes For a Hindu New Year Party

With the Universal Life Church you can easily get ordained legally over the internet. You will be able to perform baptisms, weddings, and funerals. The ULC is happy to ordain those who wish to become clergy men and women ...

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