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The Man Behind the Message

If you pay attention to religious news, then you've probably seen the name Eugene Peterson in the headlines. Apparently, people should know who he is, but unless you really follow religious writings, you may not recogn ...

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Why Is June LGBT Pride Month?

The first of June marks LGBT Pride Month. The reasons that Pride Month is so important to the LGBT community are many. The fight to earn civil rights has been hard and those who worked so diligently deserve to be remembe ...

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Man of the Year: Pope Francis

Since Pope Francis was elected Bishop of Rome in February, he has been drawing a younger crowd to the Catholic faith with his more moderate and even liberal views on controversial political topics. Since he began his pap ...

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ULC to Host Gay Wedding Event - Universal Life Church

As a longtime supporter of marriage equality, the Universal Life Church Ministries was not content to celebrate the passing of Referendum 74, and the subsequent legalization of gay marriage in Washington state, by itself ...

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ULC Ministers Can Perform Gay Weddings

ULC Ministers Can Perform Gay Weddings UPDATE: As of 2015, ministers can perform legally binding same-sex marriages in all 50 states. ORIGINAL ARTICLE: On Nov. 6, 2012, voters in Maine, Maryland, and Washington secu ...

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Hurricane Sandy: God Punishes Gay Marriage?

THE CONTENT OF THIS POST DOES NOT REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THE UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH MONASTERY. This post is meant to poke fun at people who actually believe in the bizarre viewpoints discussed below. God Is Angry: the Sign ...

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10 Reasons Homophobia Makes No Sense (Part 2) - Universal Life Church

In a recent blog entry titled "10 Reasons Why Homophobia Makes No Sense (Part 1)", we attempted to refute five arguments used to justify homophobia and deny LGBT people equal rights. Here we will attempt to refute the re ...

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The ULC and gay marriage in Washington State

The governor of the State of Washington, the state where the Universal Life Church Ministries is located, has begun an impassioned push for gay marriage. As we have indicated many times before, the ULC firmly supports ma ...

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Letter to Lady Gaga from the ULC Monastery

News broke on December 12 that Lady Gaga, pop music sensation and "Mother Monster" to millions of "monster" fans, is looking to become legally ordained online in order to perform a gay wedding ceremony for her frien ...

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ULC Celebrates Marriage Equality in New York

History was made on July 24th, 2011 by the Pop Up Chapel and the ULC got to be there for it. Though we ordain hundreds of people every day, the Universal Life Church rarely gets to witness the weddings performed by our ...

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