ulc blog 1.31.14Since Pope Francis was elected Bishop of Rome in February, he has been drawing a younger crowd to the Catholic faith with his more moderate and even liberal views on controversial political topics. Since he began his papacy attendance at Vatican, events have raised to 6.6 million people, triple the size of past events. His accomplishments have brought new light to the Vatican and given the people a reason to rejoice in their Catholic faith.

The People's Pope

Pope Francis has donated a different air to his position of grandeur. Where past popes wore a miter with gold and jewels, made to measure shoes and headwear, an ermine trimmed cape and sat atop a decadent throne; Pope Francis has foregone all of these extravagances. Pope Francis wears simple cassocks in a similar fashion to his other simple behaviors that have followers pleasantly surprised.

Pope Francis consistently strives to remain 'one of the people' despite his holy title. He is a man who preaches the use of compassion as a tool to repairing the unity of humanity and in turn maintains his own place in regular society. He pays his own hotel bill, washes the feet of young prisoners, and asks for prayers from the people before giving his own blessing. Through recognizing his place among the people they have chosen to hold him at a higher standard, instead of being told to do so.

Homosexuality in the Priesthood

The former pope was very adamant against a man of homosexual tendencies becoming a priest, stating that it was not the position for someone of that nature. As Pope Francis continues to become a prominent figure in society more reporters are interviewing him and gaining his wise insight on formerly taboo topics.

When asked about gay priests, his response was touching, kind and compassionate. "If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?" This example of Pope Francis' differing view from Pope Benedict gives insight into why the younger and more liberal sects of the Catholic faith have positive feelings about his accomplishments.

The Franciscan Ideology

It has been many years since a Pope has chosen to take the name of Francis, due to the close relationship with Francis of Assisi. Francis of Assisi gave up his wife, family and decadent clothing in order to serve others. Pope Francis is fully aware of the implications of taking this name and has carried forth with his papacy within Franciscan ideology.

Franciscan ideology preaches humility, simplicity and poverty; all of which have made appearances in Pope Francis' reign. Pope Francis has renounced the lavish and over the top outfits and cars that we have become familiar with from past popes. His views on homosexuality, the internet and abortion have all been reduced to the simplest concepts of love, compassion and faith. And he even sneaks out of the Vatican in disguise to spend time with the poor and homeless. Pope Francis has won the hearts of the modern Catholic because he is simply kind, loving and lives with the light of God in his heart.

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