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Religion Versus Spirituality

When you think of someone who is religious, you probably think of someone who has a specific set of beliefs, prays regularly, and likely attends a church or religious service at least once a week. Religion is generally p ...

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Religious Parallels in the Movies

As a child, you usually read books and watch movies purely for entertainment purposes. As an adult, you may start to become more aware of things such as foreshadowing, themes, and satire. Have you ever re-watched a carto ...

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When You Begin to Doubt Your Faith

Perhaps things aren't going quite like you want them to. Maybe you've hit a rough patch, dealt with some relationship issues, lost your job, or had some other things not go your way. When this happens, many people start ...

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Young Girl Chooses Heaven Over Life

Five-year-old Juliana Snow was born with a rare and life-threatening illness. She suffers from Charcot Marie Tooth disease (more commonly called CMT). Her parents first noticed she wasn't hitting developmental mileston ...

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Still More to Be Written - Project Semicolon

A sentence that has more to say might use a semicolon in the middle; the words continue on the other side of the grammatical symbol for "there is more to say about this." Many people today are tattooing themselves with ...

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Child protection professionals see the worst that society offers, both in graphic detail and testimony from the people they are trying to protect. Too often, some in the profession note, the church and its leaders offe ...

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Giving Credit for Divine Performance

On her way to a legendary sweep of four major tennis tournaments in 2015, Serena Williams, 33, takes time after each victory to "thank Jehovah God" for the success that she enjoys. Along with her tennis competition sib ...

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Folk Tradition Spirituality

In villages around the world, women take the lead in religious roles that may seem somewhat unexpected in Western traditions. In folk religious practices and observances from Asia to the Americas, from Africa to immigr ...

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Climate Change Science Versus Ancient Faith

In a small native village in Alaska, 22 residents went on trial for fishing salmon as they have always done. New federal laws restrict fishing in Alaska's Yukon- Kuskokwim Delta. But the defendants say that "God" will be ...

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Pint-Sized Preachers - Universal Life Church

Ministers as young as four spread the word of God on new TV show At the age of just 21 months, Kanon Tipton of Grenada, MS spoke the word of God in front of his father's Pentecostal congregation, or at least according t ...

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