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The World’s Top Four Religions

There are 4,300 religions of the world, according to the findings of Adherents, a non-religious, independent organization that monitors the number and size of the world’s religions. Eighty percent of the planet’s sev ...

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Karma: What Goes Around Comes Around

Some people think that karma is synonymous with fate. Others think that it is a system of rewards and punishments. Still others think that karma is yet another bunch of hooey that people glom onto when things don’t ...

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National Religious Freedom Day

Wednesday is National Religious Freedom Day. While this has been a holiday celebrated for quite some time, this year it seems to hold more weight. Never have we had more controversy over religious freedom than over the l ...

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Study Finds That Religious People Are Happier

A recent study has shown that people who are religious are happier. The study was conducted in the Netherlands and has been published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. It studied 9,000 people over the age of 50. ...

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Ranking Nations by Religious Faith

China has the most people of any nation and also seems to have the highest percentage of people who claim no religious beliefs. Thailand is at the opposite end of the scale, with a reported 94 percent of its people claim ...

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Making Friends Across Religions

Pope Francis, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Rabbi Abraham Skorka, Bahia Sahib Mohinder Singh and many other prominent world faith leaders came together to issue a statement asking everyone to reach across religions to #Ma ...

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The Hindu Festival of Lights

If you love a good fairy tale where good triumphs over evil or knowledge beats out ignorance, then you'll really appreciate the Hindu festival of lights, called Diwali or Deepavali. In the northern hemisphere, this hol ...

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Comparitive Religion: the World Turtle

There has been no shortage of stories and theories that have attempted to explain how the world came into existence, many of them from religion. Why so many stories across different cultures share similar explanations is ...

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Holi: Celebrating a Vibrant New Beginning

Holi is a Hindu religious festival that occurs each spring in the month of Phalgun of the Hindu calendar, or in February or March in the Gregorian calendar. Hindus observe it all over the world. Mirroring the arrival o ...

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