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What Can A ULC Minister Do Once Ordained?

For the most part, the men and women from around the world who get ordained online through the Universal Life Church can do many of the things "conventional" ministers do in the United States. This is because our church ...

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Is The Universal Life Church A Scam?

The following rant was posted on a message board devoted to calling out fraudulent organizations and other scams. It was subsequently discovered by a ULC team member who was alarmed to read the wild misconceptions some p ...

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The ULC now has a Google Plus page!

![ULC Google Plus page](/assets/ulc/blog/scaled/ulc-crest-black.jpg){.wp-image-5206 width=240 height=188} Please add the ULC's page to your circle on Google Plus! Recent changes to Google's sea ...

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Have A Friend Ordained To Perform Your Wedding - Universal Life Church

The following is a story submitted to us by a young, recently-married man from our home city of Seattle who discovered how easy it was to have a friend get ordained online in order to officiate his wedding ceremony. I ...

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Universal Life Church YouTube Channel

Your favorite online ministry is pleased to announce that it is planning to add a number of professionally produced videos to its YouTube channel within the next several months. Perhaps the most significant of these clip ...

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Online Ordination Frequently Asked Questions

An online ordination can be obtained through the Universal Life Church, also referred to as the ULC, an online ministry which was founded in 2006 in Seattle, WA. This legal, government-recognized ordination will provide ...

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Rule Concerning ULC Ministers Ordaining Others

Ministers of the Universal Life Church are welcome to ordain laypeople from their personal, independent ministries, as well as their friends and family members, if both parties are interested in doing so. Our ministers a ...

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A Universal Life Church Primer

How to Become Ordained Being called to become an ordained minister is a spiritual adventure that many people may not choose to follow because they believe that becoming ordained is a long, drawn-out process. But becomin ...

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Why You Should Become A Wedding Officiant

It is really easy to get ordained online ![Become a wedding officiant through the ULC](/assets/ulc/blog/scaled/minister5.jpg){.wp-image-4200 width=240 height=159} Few professionals have the profound abilit ...

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Become A Prison Minister

Provide Spiritual And Emotional Support To Prisoners And Their Families Why You Should Be A Prison Minister It isn't difficult for someone who feels a calling to be a minister of a church to do so thanks to online mi ...

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