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Danny Bonaduce: ULC Wedding Officiant - Universal Life Church

Danny Bonaduce gets ordained through the Universal Life Church We are pleased to announce that Dante "Danny" Bonaduce, former child star of The Partridge Family and current radio host for KZOK 102.5 Seattle, got ordai ...

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How to Plan a Wedding

Universal Life Church ministers are more than just wedding officiants; they can help plan a wedding, too. Since most of the weddings officiated by ULC ministers are done for friends and family, it is likely that you will ...

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ULC Topics: The Value of Religious Diversity

This blog post extensively uses analogies that might not make sense to you. If this is the case, chalk your confusion up to writer's error on the Universal Life Church's part but please do not discount the content of thi ...

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About The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

"Have you been touched by his noodly appendage?" The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, also know as Pastafarianism, is a tongue in cheek religion supposedly founded by beer-loving pirates. The "FSM," this alternat ...

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Get an Ordained Minister License

What Is an Ordained Minister License? Ordained minister licenses are documents that are used by legally ordained ministers to demonstrate their ministerial status to county clerks and other government officials. These ...

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ULC Product Spotlight: Baker's Pastoral Books

Why Baker's Books are the Most Popular Amongst ULC Ministers Two of the primary services performed by Universal Life Church ministers are weddings and funerals, and some ULC ministers go on to start their own congrega ...

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ULC Product Spotlight: Wedding Officiant Books

Why the ULC Offers These Wedding Officiant Training Tools The Universal Life Church ordination does not have any training requirements and, as such, our ministers are generally not ready to perform wedding ceremonies ...

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ULC Topics: Danger of the Appeal to Tradition

About the Appeal to Tradition One of the most fundamental logical fallacies, and one that is frequently repeated in the political and religious arenas, is the argumentum ad antiquitatem or Appeal to Tradition. This fa ...

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Obama Paranoia: Universal Life Church Weighs In

Virginia man massacres family, commits suicide On Sept. 27, Albert Peterson killed his wife of 25 years and two sons, aged 13 and 16, before committing suicide in their Herndon, VA home. Peterson, a defense contractor ...

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Washington Marijuana Initiative

"Legalize, regulate, and tax" On Sept. 23, 2012 the editorial board of The Seattle Times, Seattle's major daily newspaper and winner of eight Pulitzer Prizes, announced their support for an initiative that will legali ...

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