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Pulpit Freedom Sunday: Church Leaders vs IRS

On October 7, Pastor Jim Garlow will share his opinion with 2000 members of his Skyline Wesleyan megachurch in La Mesa, CA about who they should vote for in the 2012 presidential election in an event called "Pulpit Freed ...

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About The ULC's Ordination Certificate

Where You Can Find The ULC's Ordination Certificate The Universal Life Church Ministries's ordination certificate can only be found in the Ministry Products section of , where all the forms of ministerial documentatio ...

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How To Get An Ordained Minister License

Someone who is looking to get an ordained minister license has two options on how to do so. They can either attend a conventional bible college, theological school, or seminary or become legally ordained online through a ...

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LA Wedding Woman: ULC Ministers

Elysia Skye and her sister, Arielle Haze are professional wedding officiants who received their ministry license from the Universal Life Church Ministries. Rev. Haze and Rev. Skye founded LA Wedding Woman and offer three ...

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About The ULC's Non Denominational Ordination

A concern frequently raised by those who are interested in becoming ordained online through the Universal Life Church Ministries pertains to what exactly our non denominational ordination means. These laypeople general ...

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Legal Status Of The ULC Ordination

The ULC Ministries staff frequently receives questions about the legality of its online ordinations, and we can't blame the people who ask these questions for being a little curious or even apprehensive about them. Our ...

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Announcing The New Wedding Music CD

At long last, the Universal Life Church Ministries staff has put together a list of classic and contemporary wedding music and has posted it on our website store. A collection of eleven classical pieces, featuring songs ...

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How To Legally Change Your Name

The ULC Ministries staff highly encourages its ministers to forward the following information to couples whose weddings they perform. The wedding itself is only an early step for couples as they get ready to start their ...

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5 Ways Superman Is A Jewish Icon

It is a commonly known fact that Superman is a symbol of "Truth, Justice, and the American Way", but to many Jewish Americans he represents something much, much more. As discussed in several recent NPR spots (which inspi ...

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ULC Ministers Now Able To Perform Weddings in Knox County

The ULC Ministries staff is pleased to announce that it has corresponded with the county clerk's office of Knox County, Tennessee and the two parties have cleared up a miscommunication that, in the past, prevente ...

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