A clock casting a shadow of death liveIt’s hard not to think that we’re alone in the world and that our thoughts, happiness, suffering, irritation, disappointment, etc., are unique only to us. We especially tend to believe this when things go wrong in our lives and we’re convinced that no one else understands what we’re going through, let alone cares.

But is that really true? Most researchers say no, it’s not. Human beings, no matter where or how we live, have far more commonalities than differences. In fact, the old “we’re all in this together” is a pretty profound truism. Here are 10 universal truths common to each and every one of us.

1. We’re All Born Equal and We All Die Equal

Each of us has to be born, and each of us has to eventually die. This may well constitute the fundamental universal truth of life. We arrive on earth with nothing and we leave it the same way. That’s about as equal as you can get.

2. We All Want Love and Acceptance

Starting at birth, each of us has the innate need to be loved. In fact, as babies, we’d all die without at least a minimum amount of parental love, care, and protection. Gaining the acceptance of their parents forms the basis of most people’s lives. We want them to approve of us, but we also want them to accept us for who we are, not as mere extensions of themselves. Later on we widen this network of desired love and acceptance to our friends and ultimately to the families we ourselves create.

3. Ignorant Parenting Causes a Lot of Problems

Even the best parent is not perfect. But far too many parents fail to realize that what they teach their children, both formally and by example, has a profound and lasting effect on them. Constant criticism can ruin a child for life, whether the parent expresses it in words or by action and negative facial expressions. If you want your kids to grow up to be strong, secure adults, comfortable in their own skins and unafraid to express their opinions, start now to bring them up right. Love them unconditionally while still steering them in the ways of getting along with others while not losing themselves in the process.

4. Eventually Someone You Trust Will Let You Down

This is one of the unfortunate negative but nevertheless universal truths in life. Again it goes back to the fact that no one is perfect. Consequently, sometime during your life, someone else is bound to let you down. In fact, you’ll be lucky if this only happens once. But think about it. If you didn’t trust the person, how could she or he let you down? As painful as the letdown may be, however, you’ll do best if you refuse to let this situation get you down. Think of it instead as a learning experience that helps you grow into emotional maturity.

5. Stress Is Inevitable

Try as we might, none of us escapes tension in our lives, whether it be good or bad. Stress is stress, and both the good and bad varieties take their toll on our physical, mental, and emotional health. The idea is to not let it overcome you. Whether you use exercise, meditation, deep breathing, or one or a combination of the other stress-relieving methodologies, do whatever you need to minimize anxiety. No one need live in a state of constant franticness.

On board so far? Unfortunately, blog posts have limited space. So we’ll stop here for now. Come back next week for the rest of the 10 universal truths by which we all live.

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