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Banned Books That Might Surprise You

Jen Hatmaker, a Christian author, spoke out in support of the LGBT community and same-sex marriage. Her books were taken off the shelves at LifeWay Christian stores due to her beliefs. LifeWay has the right to sell whi ...

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Solutions to Help People Get Out of Poverty

Although there is no easy solution to poverty, there are proven methods that can help people find financial stability and economic security. Policy changes in the government can expand the middle class and help families ...

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The Golden Rule Should Trump Politics

Last week, in North Carolina, a Starbucks barista reportedly bullied a customer who was wearing a t-shirt that supported President Trump. This isn't the first time a customer has been bullied for their political beliefs. ...

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Oklahoma Clergy Stand Up Against Predatory Lending

Predatory lending is defined as "any lending practice that imposes unfair or abusive loan terms on a borrower. It is also any practice that convinces a borrower to accept unfair terms through deceptive, coercive, exploit ...

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Death Penalty Debate Hits Close to Home

In April last year, Reverend Rene Robert, a Franciscan priest in St. Augustine, was found shot to death in Augusta, Georgia. Steven Murray, a repeat offender who was being helped by Robert, was charged with killing him. ...

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Does Religious Freedom Legislation Really Work?

Last year, we watched as many states tried to pass "bathroom bills," limiting where transgender people could go to use the facilities. But it wasn't just the transgender community that faced legislation that would limit ...

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Boy Scouts to Allow Transgender Kids

The Boy Scouts of America will now allow transgender boys to join its ranks. Serving about 2.4 million boys and young men just in the United States, the organization has been around since 1908. The early years were not e ...

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Think About Your Ethical Will

In biblical times, it was common for a father to bless his sons not only with his material worth, but also with a heartfelt expression of what truly mattered to him. His dreams of the future, his forgiveness and his hope ...

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Signs Your Teenager Is Abusing Drugs

Parenting a teenager can be a challenge. Almost all teenagers are dealing with raging hormones, and that can make them difficult to be with. Even the most well-behaved teenager is bound to have his or her moments. It's u ...

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The Right to Die

A hotly debated topic in the United States currently is whether or not a person has the right to die (sometimes known as death with dignity or assisted suicide) when he or she has received a terminal illness. This usuall ...

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