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Data Proves That LGBT Teens Need More Support

Most people are aware that members of the LGBT community face discrimination and bullying, whether the individual is an adult or a child. Every day, there are news reports of laws being passed to prevent the LGBT communi ...

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Parental Control Options for Television

These days, it seems like you can see just about anything on television. It isn't hard at all to gain access to television shows and movies heavy with language, sexual references, and violence. As a parent, this may be c ...

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Reporter Tries to Purchase AR-15 and Fails

In an attempt to show how easy it is for anyone to purchase what he deemed as an "assault rifle," Chicago reporter Neil Steinberg went to a gun store with plans to purchase one. However, his plan backfired when he was de ...

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Why You Should Go on a Mission Trip

When you think of mission trips, you may think of people going on months long adventures somewhere on the other side of the world. While this is one example of what a mission trip may look like, there are many different ...

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Should You Consider Adoption?

People adopt children for a variety of reasons. Perhaps a married couple has been trying to conceive for several years, only to find out it's nearly impossible for them conceive on their own. Some people adopt because th ...

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Should Women Work Outside the Home?

Over time, the family dynamic has changed. Just 40 to 50 years ago, a large percentage of women stayed at home to keep up with the house and take care of the children. Now, many work outside the home. Some wait for their ...

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If You Are a Victim of Domestic Violence

Being in an abusive relationship is incredibly difficult. It can seem impossible to get out, and you have likely been threatened if you try to leave the situation. You might be worried about your life, and if you have ...

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Questions Still Remain About Two Terrorists

More details are beginning to emerge about the two killers in the California terrorist attack, yet there are many questions that have yet to be answered. On December 2nd, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a married coupl ...

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Ben Carson: Holocaust Could've Been Prevented

The Holocaust was one of the most awful and gruesome parts of this world's history. Over six million Jews were murdered, and Carson is saying this could have been prevented if only one thing had changed. He feels if Je ...

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Woman Wins Battle With Catholic Hospital

Starting a family is something many people would like to do after they get married. Some people know exactly how many children they want from the beginning. Some aren't so sure and decide to just wait and see what happ ...

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