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Creating New Year’s Resolutions That Stick

If you're one of those people who have stopped setting New Year's resolutions, you're not alone. It's demoralizing and defeating when you set high expectations for yourself on January 1, only to keep those goals for just ...

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Boxing Day? A Holiday or Shopping Day?

December 26, the day following Christmas, isn't just the day when everyone returns their gifts and eats leftovers. The day has much more significance than most of us realize. In the church, December 26 is St. Stephen's D ...

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The History of Favorite Christmas Carols

The practice of singing carols began centuries ago. People sang carols or songs of celebration and joy for all seasons. Traditionally, carols were sung at pagan celebrations, but early Christians encouraged new converts ...

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Remembering All Workers

Millions of people are expected to travel over the Labor Day weekend by plane, train, bus and car. This three-day weekend is thought to be the end of the summer season. It's the last chance to enjoy some downtime until t ...

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Solstice Celebrations

Since creatures all over the world are connected by a link to the sun overhead, it makes sense that societies throughout the world would celebrate the peak of the sun's apparent journey north during the course of the y ...

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How to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year has somewhat mystical origins; it is based on the ancient lunar-solar calendar and is a time to honor heavenly deities and ancestors. Along with the general day off of work and traditions of feasting w ...

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Festival of Colors

Spring has arrived and the flowers are in bloom. To mark the end of the bitter winter, the people of the Indian subcontinent celebrate Holi, the Festival of Color. To relish in the changing of seasons, town centers and m ...

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Pat Robertson: Is Mac & Cheese A Black Thing?

Right-wing fundamentalist Pat Robertson has been known to say some downright odious things on behalf of his faith. No doubt many of our own ministers ordained online are familiar. Recently he said that divorcing a spouse ...

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Celebration of Earth Day and Interconnectivity

Earth Day is a time for people around the world to celebrate the planet and all that it provides for us. It is also a time for us to think about what we do to the earth on a daily basis, whether it be good or bad, and ho ...

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