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Why Is June LGBT Pride Month?

The first of June marks LGBT Pride Month. The reasons that Pride Month is so important to the LGBT community are many. The fight to earn civil rights has been hard and those who worked so diligently deserve to be remembe ...

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Songs for Your Memorial Day

Memorial Day marks the summer season, but the holiday has roots much deeper than just fashion rules and beach parties. If you can't get out to a parade honoring the fallen soldiers who gave their life for America, maybe ...

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Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Peacemaking is one of the key themes in the Bible. In Matthew 5:9, Jesus tells his followers, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." In Romans 12:18, Paul writes, "If possible, so far as it ...

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IDAHO for LGBT Rights

On May 17, the international community remembers the date that the World Health Organization (WHO) removed homosexuality from the "International Classification of Diseases." For many people, it's hard to even imagine a t ...

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Historical Churches in Oklahoma City

Last month, Oklahoma remembered the 22nd anniversary of the Murrah bombing. On April 19, 1995, a domestic terrorist parked a truck in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. At about 9:0 ...

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Why Honesty Day?

Zig Ziglar said, "Honesty and integrity are absolutely essential for success in life all areas of life. The really good news is that anyone can develop both honesty and integrity." April 1 is a day of pranks and jokes. ...

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Interfaith Celebration of Passover and Easter

This year, families who have both Jewish and Christian heritage will experience an overlap of Passover and Easter. Is there a way to have an interfaith holiday without it turning into a celebration where the kids are loo ...

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Remembering the Father of Jesus in March

Mary, the mother of Jesus, gets about 15 days each year dedicated to some facet of her memory. In September, her birthday is celebrated. On August 22, the feast day is called "The Queenship of the Virgin Mary," acknowled ...

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Christian holidays and observances

What Christians Can Learn From Purim

Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrated in the Hebrew month of Adar. Generally, Purim falls in mid-March in the Gregorian calendar. This year, it falls on March 11 and 12. Jewish holidays generally begin at sundown on the n ...

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Are You Fasting for Lent?

The season of Lent begins on March 1, following Mardi Gras on February 28. The first day of Lent is called Ash Wednesday. Many denominations hold a service for believers as a way of beginning the season. Ministers bless ...

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