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5 Purposeful Ways To Keep Christ in Christmas This Year

Christmas, a holiday that began as a Christian take on pagan celebrations, has since turned into one of the most financially stressful and commercial holidays of the year. As you find yourself frantically trying to come ...

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Is the Song “12 Days of Christmas” a Christian Primer?

If you’re totally tired of Christmas music, it’s completely understandable. Many stores start piping Christmas music through their speakers right after Halloween. The song “The 12 Days of Christmas&rdqu ...

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Avoiding Post Christmas Blues

The holiday season will be coming to an end next week, and as the New Year starts, many people seem to find themselves in a funk. If you are in an area where the weather is bad, you may be experiencing cold weather, mak ...

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Who Is Saint Lucy and Why Is She Celebrated in December?

On December 13, the Feast of Saint Lucia, or St. Lucy’s Day, is observed by Protestants and Catholics, typically in Scandinavian countries, such as Norway and Sweden, but also in Italy. Her feast day is associated ...

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6 Children’s Books About Women Who Fought for Change

Need gift ideas for the young girls on your Christmas list? These books about women who resisted the social norms of their day will inspire anyone to fight for civil rights, labor rights and environmental protection in t ...

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Understanding Advent Season

If you've been in the church for a long time, you know that the Christmas season is also called Advent, but you may not truly understand why it's called that. It's important to know the history of Advent to be able to e ...

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A History of Favorite Christmas Carols

A carol is a song (or dance) of praise and joy. Christmas carols have messages of happiness, anticipation and fun. Although many people do complain about hearing the same Christmas music over and over throughout the seas ...

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Saint Nicholas, the Model for Santa Claus

By the time you read this, it will be too late to celebrate the feast day of Saint Nicholas, but you can still remember this real figure in history. Nicholas is the patron saint of merchants, children, pawnbrokers and br ...

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5 Quotes to Help Get You in the Holiday Spirit

It doesn’t matter what holiday you celebrate this winter season, it can be difficult to find holiday cheer amid a busy life, news reports, and the political atmosphere in the United States. Instead of trying to for ...

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Taking Care of Yourself Through the Holidays

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza or Saturnalia, November marks the start of a holiday season that can be extremely busy with family, friends, parties and more. You’re not only pressured to spend ex ...

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