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7 Pioneering Black Musicians for Black History Month

February is Black History Month. Get out your streaming app and find some new tunes to listen to this month to appreciate the people who changed the music industry. Mamie Smith Mamie Smith recorded the first blues song ...

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7 Movies That Honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

On the third Monday of January, Americans remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. If he had lived, he would be 90 years old in 2019. Movies don’t always portray him accurately, but they are a good place to start learn ...

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What People of Faith Should Know About Hate Crimes

When a gunman killed 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue, it wasn’t just the Jewish community that was shook. Americans across the country, regardless of faith, were dismayed at the horror. The hate crime was obvio ...

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6 Children’s Books About Women Who Fought for Change

Need gift ideas for the young girls on your Christmas list? These books about women who resisted the social norms of their day will inspire anyone to fight for civil rights, labor rights and environmental protection in t ...

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Religion at Work

Amid discussions in the United States over the boundaries of religious liberties and the right to live one's religion or to be free from religion, some employment experts discuss how individuals may be religious at wor ...

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Remember Why You Have the Freedom to Read

At the end of September, libraries all over the United States will be celebrating the right to read. Banned Books Week has been featured for about 30 years, but the practice of banning books dates back much farther than ...

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Books You Should Read for Banned Books Week

Some authors believe that getting on the Banned Book List is a great way to increase publicity about controversial topics. One of the most hotly debated topics over the years has been LGBT rights and information. Here a ...

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Four More Influential Religious Leaders in America’s History

In June, J.D. Greear was elected as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. At just 45 years old, he’s the youngest president of the SBC in the past 37 years. He’s also the first Gen Xer to take the hel ...

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6 Influential Religious Leaders in America’s History

Practically everyone is familiar with Billy Graham, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Brigham Young. While those three did amazing things through their faith in the United States, there are many others who shaped the nation th ...

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The Power of Words to Hurt and to Heal

A government takes offense at the choice of a word to describe mass killings a hundred years ago. Some people today see the value in using direct language in remembering the horrors of the past. Pope Francis spoke clear ...

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