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Religions on the Run

The monastery of St. Matthew near the plains of Nineveh, Iraq, dates back to the fourth century. It once drew 7,000 pilgrims and monks for study and worship during the Christian years of the Roman Empire. Now there are ...

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Peaceful Civil Disobedience Leads to Change

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a Democrat who represents California’s 43rd district, recently called on supporters to “show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaura ...

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LGBTQ Adoptions Against Public Opinion of Anti-Discrimination

Just recently, the Kansas Legislature approved a bill that will allow religious adoption agencies to turn away LGBTQ couples. It’s presumed that the governor will sign the bill, but opponents of the bill are likely ...

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America by Religion and Race, Again

A 2014 study looks at the way Americans feel about some hot issues in the political debate. Interviewing Americans in 2014, the data splits the respondents into over a dozen religious identity categories, some of which f ...

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Arab American Women Making a Difference

April is designated Arab American Heritage Month. Although many are familiar with Arab people in the entertainment industry, such as Hoda Kotb, Kathy Najimy and Shannon Elizabeth, there are many other Arab American women ...

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American Patriots Who Fought for Freedom and Religion

As the Fourth of July approaches, let's take some time to remember some of the famous (and not-so-famous) men and women who were part of America's fight for freedom from England. The men who signed the Declaration of Ind ...

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The Golden Rule Should Trump Politics

Last week, in North Carolina, a Starbucks barista reportedly bullied a customer who was wearing a t-shirt that supported President Trump. This isn't the first time a customer has been bullied for their political beliefs. ...

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Death Penalty Debate Hits Close to Home

In April last year, Reverend Rene Robert, a Franciscan priest in St. Augustine, was found shot to death in Augusta, Georgia. Steven Murray, a repeat offender who was being helped by Robert, was charged with killing him. ...

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Political Poetry: Taking A Stand

"We are a nation of immigrants, a quilt of many colors, and we've managed over more than two centuries to create a way of life that allows for a reasonable degree of upward mobility, that prizes individual liberty, promo ...

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Start Feminist Activism Early

Although schools have made strides in being less patriarchal, many of the classic novels that are read as part of the classwork are still very centered on male protagonists and antagonists. Both male and female teenagers ...

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