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Oregon School Shooter Targeting Christians?

A shooting at an Oregon community college has rattled the community and shocked the nation. Chris Harper-Mercer, the 26-year-old confirmed shooter, was gunned down by police during a shootout. He was equipped with enou ...

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Climate Change Science Versus Ancient Faith

In a small native village in Alaska, 22 residents went on trial for fishing salmon as they have always done. New federal laws restrict fishing in Alaska's Yukon- Kuskokwim Delta. But the defendants say that "God" will be ...

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Hurricane Sandy: God Punishes Gay Marriage?

THE CONTENT OF THIS POST DOES NOT REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THE UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH MONASTERY. This post is meant to poke fun at people who actually believe in the bizarre viewpoints discussed below. God Is Angry: the Sign ...

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In Time of Tragedy, the Benevolent Reign

In the wake of Japan's massive and devastating tsunami, there has been much controversy surrounding the destruction and inevitable clean up of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. For the past month there has been a media ...

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A Common Cause

One can't help but notice what seems to be an increase in natural disasters. Starting in 2006 with the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia the day after Christmas to this week's slew of tornadoes, disaster seems to be everyw ...

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Faith Endures Through Japan's Disaster

The notion of the earthquake and tsunami being divine retribution is a familiar to many, and, understandably, this attitude has caused great concern among those whose mission is to help people, including the Universal Li ...

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