Children on EasterEaster is a holiday that almost all Christian people celebrate. Is a way of celebrating the rising of Christ, three days after he was crucified. While this is a holiday that is typically seen as religious, there are many non-religious people who celebrate it as well. They choose to see it as a time of renewal; after all, Easter is typically celebrated close to the beginning of spring time. If you are not a religious person, you may be wondering how you should go about celebrating Easter. You may not be comfortable going to church and you may be unsure of what you can do. Thankfully, there are many ways to celebrate the holiday so that you and your family can enjoy it too.

Easter Egg Hunt

You've almost certainly heard of an Easter egg hunt before. These usually involve children finding eggs scattered in a field or yard, and the eggs are usually filled with candy or small toys. They are often hosted by churches and families often have them as well. Easter egg hunts can be a great deal of fun, and it's something many children look forward to. What's great about them is as your kids get older, you can change it up. For example:

You could make the egg hunt a treasure hunt. Each egg has a clue on how to get to the next egg, which eventually will lead to a large prize (such as a gift card, a nice toy, or a few dollars' cash). Putting the child's initial on the egg can be fun, as he or she has to find specific eggs. This can also be helpful when there are kids of different ages, as it gives smaller children a chance to find the same number of eggs. You can play a game of "Simon Says" with the eggs. For example, tell the children to go find three eggs and come back. You can give different color combinations, or just a number of eggs to find and bring back.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can do an egg hunt.

Easter Baskets

Many people have the tradition of giving their children Easter baskets on Easter morning. These are supposedly left by the Easter bunny, though some parents take the credit. These can be filled with anything from candy to toys, and some go more overboard than others. To make things even more fun, some parents like to hide the baskets throughout the house so that the children have to go on a little hunt to find them.

Dying Easter Eggs

Hard boiling eggs and dying them with food coloring is another fun activity. There are many egg dying kits that come with bright, vibrant colors and even stickers you can use to decorate your eggs with. Kids really seem to enjoy this activity, and adults can have fun with it too. Get creative and use different color combinations and designs for some extra fun.

Enjoy Nature

Many of us do not get out into nature enough. It can be incredibly refreshing and a great way to clear your head. What better way to celebrate the beginning of spring than by going on a nice nature walk? There are likely trails in your area, and you can go breathe the fresh air, enjoy the blooming flowers, and have a good conversation with those around you. If you really wanted to go the extra mile, you could do something on nature's behalf, such as planting a tree or picking up litter at a park.

There are many different ways you can celebrate Easter, even if you are not religious. Easter is a fun holiday no matter what, so try to enjoy it in one way or another.

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