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Wedding Costs Rise, so do Online Ordinations

For most of the world, the month of May means a transition from spring into summer. It means the beginning of picnics and sunshine and 3 whole months of bliss. For the nearly 1 million women who will be getting married t ...

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Tantra: Combining Sexuality and Spirituality

The Heart of Tantric Sex Diana Richardson _"Tantra is love effort towards existence._ That is why so much of sex has been used by Tantra: because it is a love technique. It is not only love between man and woma ...

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The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

In 2005, the Kansas State Board of Education held hearings to reconfigure how Evolution would be taught in the State's high school science curriculum. Unfortunately for high school students in Kansas the ...

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Killing to Make the World Safer

Osama bin Laden has been killed and a ten year manhunt has ended, but, as the President asserted in a Monday morning speech, is the world really safer? When special force commandos stormed the three story compound, loca ...

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Extremism Kills.

Qur'an burning seems severe to some and despicable to most. In fact, many would never imagine doing such a thing. Whether it is because someone is sympathetic to the plight of the average Muslim or because they are able ...

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A Common Cause

One can't help but notice what seems to be an increase in natural disasters. Starting in 2006 with the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia the day after Christmas to this week's slew of tornadoes, disaster seems to be everyw ...

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Capturing the Essence of the Royal Wedding

After an eight year courtship, Prince William and Kate Middleton are finally getting married. The couple will wed on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey. Presiding over the wedding will be the Archbishop of Canterbury. M ...

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An Impressive Collection of Deviant Thoughts

edited by Joan Konner. If you are an atheist who is looking to reinforce old ideas or a believer who has never met an atheist before and wants to know what they think, The Atheist's Bible may be the book for you. The ...

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Celebration of Earth Day and Interconnectivity

Earth Day is a time for people around the world to celebrate the planet and all that it provides for us. It is also a time for us to think about what we do to the earth on a daily basis, whether it be good or bad, and ho ...

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Free Will Astrology Discusses the ULC

Free Will Astrology discusses the benefits of becoming an ordained minister online with the Universal Life Church In this week's Leo horoscope in his nationally-syndicated Free Will Astrology column, Rob Brezsny chose t ...

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