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The Universal Life Church Ministries was founded on two tenets: 1) do that which is right, and 2) everyone should be free to practice their faith however they wish (so long as they don’t infringe upon the rights of others). This is more than just lip-service; our tenets are closely tied to our philosophical beliefs, which manifest themselves as Church policies and principles. Here’s what we believe.

All Are Equal and Welcome

The Universal Life Church believes that all individuals are equal. That is why we do not discriminate and welcome everyone, of any race, sexuality, gender, socioeconomic status, and faith background to get ordained and become a member of the Church.

It is simple: we are all children of the same universe. The Universal Life Church appreciates that the diversity of faiths in this world is a beautiful thing, and all are valid and can peacefully coexist. As each family of religious belief brings something valuable to the table, it’s also important that everyone should be free to worship according to their chosen belief system, and in the manner which they see fit.

No Religious Tests

Whereas other organizations may seek to put up artificial barriers to ordination, the Universal Life Church seeks to tear those barriers down. We make it as easy as possible for you to get ordained and get started on the important stuff: practicing and sharing your faith.

While other faith traditions might require years of study, expensive degrees, and strict tests, the ULC takes a different approach – choosing to help bring people in rather than keep them out. That’s why we will never require any academic test to get ordained, and online ordination with the Universal Life Church will always be free.

Faith is Personal

Faith is not one size fits all; it is different for everyone. Finding a church that shares all of one’s personal beliefs can be difficult, if not impossible. That’s because religious views are inherently personal, and interpretations vary widely. The ULC provides a home for those who have trouble finding that place elsewhere. We support the rights of our ministers to express their faith as they please, without interference.

Faith is as unique as the individuals who practice it. And whether someone’s beliefs could be defined as traditional, unconventional, or something else entirely, the Universal Life Church fully stands by the rights of its ministers to worship in the manner that best represents their particular spiritual path.

Do That Which is Right

When someone applies for ordination, they agree to follow this basic tenet. And the Universal Life Church seeks to uphold this philosophy and lead by example, supporting charities and projects that we believe create positive change and real differences in our community and beyond. You can read about the wonderful, life-changing charities we support on our Good Works page.

But that’s only one way in which the Church makes an impact. Occasionally, the rights of our members to practice their ministry are challenged. To our ministers: know that we will always step in on your behalf and fight for you in both the court of public opinion and, if necessary, the legal system. From our proactive legal efforts to rid the world of unjust laws and policies, to standing on the front lines in the fight for marriage equality, the Universal Life Church has always had your back – and will continue to.

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