Many religions rely on music in their services to enhance the worship experience. Some churches sing hymns or contemporary songs while others chant or sing scripture. Both ministers and laypeople are typically involved in making sure there are beautiful songs to make the service special.

The worship team may not be the first thing people think of when they are looking for a way to serve, especially if it seems to be thriving already. If you want to grow the worship program in your faith community, there are a few steps you need to take.

Communicate the Process Clearly

Whether you hold auditions or accept anyone who's passionate about making a joyful noise, you must first communicate that more members are wanted. Many people in the congregation may be intrigued about the prospect of singing in the choir, but if all they see is a full loft every Sunday, they may assume that there's no room for them. They don't know what goes on behind the scenes or understand your plan for growth unless you tell them.

Start by making an announcement at the beginning of the service, but don't stop there. Reinforce your invitation by using multiple methods to get the word out:

  • Your organization's social media pages
  • Church newsletter or bulletin
  • Personal invitations to people who have expressed interest in the past

You can also encourage current members to spread the word. If every choir member invited just one other person, your program would grow naturally and quickly.

Announce Your Invitation Often

There are many reasons to build repetition into your recruitment campaign. First, those who are interested may simply not hear the first announcement, particularly if it is one of many made at the beginning of the service. It may take several weeks of consistent encouragement before you see any interest at all.

Second, several people may be genuinely interested but feel hesitant about trying something new, especially something that is such a public way to serve. Multiple reminders keep the idea fresh in their minds. Don't assume that people are disinterested just because they don't spring at the first chance you give them. A few may have to get past some nervous jitters before they work up the courage to show up, and the consistent invitation is a gentle way to coax them out of their comfort zones.

Finally, they may take your subsequent silence as confirmation that you don't really need them. If you tell them once and don't mention it again, they may assume the open spots have already been filled.

Host an Event for Prospective Members

People who have never served on a worship team or sung in a choir before may be hesitant to try because they don't know what to expect. You can alleviate their uncertainty by hosting group singalongs. Partner with other ministry teams, such as the hospitality or outreach committees, to plan a social event for everyone in the congregation.

It doesn't have to be a complicated program. Print out sheet music to a simple song, and have the existing worship team members run through it a couple of times. Then let everyone join in. In addition to being a fun gathering for the church, you may get some new recruits for your music program out of it.

As with many ministry opportunities in your faith community, the worship team occasionally needs new people to thrive and grow. Let the members of the church know when you are looking for new people to join. Within a month, you may see a few new faces show up at practice to help you lead the service in praise.

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