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Get Ordained to Be a Label?

Nowadays there are some individuals that avoid labels like the plague. You might notice this if you start talking to a friend about a person or idea and are cut off and informed that he doesn't want to use a word that wi ...

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ULC Presents: the ULC Topics Blog Series

Those of you who actively follow this site's Universal Life Church blog will have seen a couple of posts with the prefix "ULC Topics" in the past couple of weeks. These two posts are the first in a lengthy series that ...

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ULC Topics: The Value of Religious Diversity

This blog post extensively uses analogies that might not make sense to you. If this is the case, chalk your confusion up to writer's error on the Universal Life Church's part but please do not discount the content of thi ...

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ULC Topics: Danger of the Appeal to Tradition

About the Appeal to Tradition One of the most fundamental logical fallacies, and one that is frequently repeated in the political and religious arenas, is the argumentum ad antiquitatem or Appeal to Tradition. This fa ...

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About The ULC's Ordination Certificate

Where You Can Find The ULC's Ordination Certificate The Universal Life Church Ministries's ordination certificate can only be found in the Ministry Products section of , where all the forms of ministerial documentatio ...

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Burning Man Festival a Place to Get Married

Burning Man organizers encourage couples to get married by a ULC minister at the week-long alternative event. Burning Man, the week-long alternative event annually held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, has long-established ...

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Connecting with Nature: Find Your Power Animal

Left feeling a spiritual void after you failed to be raptured on the 21stof May? Unsure of where to take your spiritual journey between now and the next predicted end of the world in December of 2012? Why not go retro a ...

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Wedding Costs Rise, so do Online Ordinations

For most of the world, the month of May means a transition from spring into summer. It means the beginning of picnics and sunshine and 3 whole months of bliss. For the nearly 1 million women who will be getting married t ...

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