Various Uses for Blessed Oil

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Blessed oil does not have magical healing powers in and of itself. Instead, it is intended to act as a symbol of God's grace and heals believers through their faith. Blessing oil is used to help believers heal, it is a sacrament similar to holy water, which is intended to help people grow in their spiritual lives and increase their devotion to their faiths. Additionally, it is not used by priests.

Uses for Religious Oil

Believers use the oil to further channel the energy of God. Instead of relying on the oil for healing properties, believers channel energy and faith for some of the following reasons:

  • To help cure physical ailments and illness
  • To help cure psychological distress
  • To help ward off evil and harm
  • To bless a new house
  • To bless or help cure another person
  • To keep a new home safe by sprinkling the oil near windows and doors

It is important to remember that the oil does not have magical properties. Rather, it helps channel belief in a greater power to help heal the sick and protect believers against harm that may come to them and their families.

How to Use Anointing Oil

Sprinkle a few drops of oil, similar to how one would sprinkle Holy Water. This ancient Catholic custom has been used to channel the healing powers of Christ for centuries. However, it can also be used in calm times to help grow spiritually and increase devotion on a regular basis. After all, the power of religion is not only present during times of illness and distress. Some ailments are healed almost instantly, and others are healed progressively. It all depends on God's will.

The Power of Belief and Spirituality

Blessed oil is only one example of the power of belief. The Universal Life Church Ministries welcomes people from all backgrounds to come together and embrace spirituality. Progressive and positive beliefs help form healthy communities, regardless of individual backgrounds.

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