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Should You Consider Adoption?

People adopt children for a variety of reasons. Perhaps a married couple has been trying to conceive for several years, only to find out it's nearly impossible for them conceive on their own. Some people adopt because th ...

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Religious Parallels in the Movies

As a child, you usually read books and watch movies purely for entertainment purposes. As an adult, you may start to become more aware of things such as foreshadowing, themes, and satire. Have you ever re-watched a carto ...

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Five Common Christmas Traditions Explained

Christmas is a time full of different traditions that have been a part of many of our lives for as long as we can remember. Some of them are traditions within our families, while others are traditions observed by the m ...

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Volunteering Opportunities for Christmas

It's the season of giving, so many look for ways to give to those in need. Whether it's by donating money, items, or time, there are many things you can do to bless others during the holiday season. Sure, volunteering ...

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How to Get Into the Christmas Spirit

Many people see Christmas as the most wonderful time of the year. There are many reasons to be happy; it is a season of giving, spending time with family, and spreading cheer. However, it can be difficult to get into t ...

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The Starbucks Controversy

If you have read a newspaper or been on social media at all the last few days, then no doubt you have heard about the supposed Starbucks controversy. The mainstream media is reporting that people, particularly Christia ...

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Child protection professionals see the worst that society offers, both in graphic detail and testimony from the people they are trying to protect. Too often, some in the profession note, the church and its leaders offe ...

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Religious Materials in Public Schools

So-called cultural wars and religious skirmishes play out publicly throughout the United States, in politics, courts and public schools. From billboards preaching Jesus to Bibles handed out to schoolchildren, people aim ...

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God is Dead?

Is Religion on the Way Out Among Young People? In 1966, Time magazine published one of its most memorable and infamous front covers. In red font against a simple black background were the words, "Is God Dead?" The att ...

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Hillary Clinton's Religion

Hillary Clinton Reports the Bible Is the Most Influential Book for Her The Bible has a significant impact on American politics that goes beyond social issues like gay marriage and abortion. In a notable example, Hilla ...

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