Certificate of Marriage With Wedding RingsGetting married can be a whirlwind experience, With so many tasks to cross off your to-do list, there are bound to be a handful of decisions that fall to the wayside. For example, you likely know the protocol surrounding the application process for your marriage license. However, you may not think about this document beyond its basic legal meaning. To remember this big day in a special way, a commemorative marriage certificate may make for a lovely option. Use this guide to learn more about this paper and its importance.

What Is a Marriage Certificate?

A standard certificate of marriage is a key document. Essentially, this piece of paper verifies that your wedding occurred. Such documents are vital for many future decisions a couple will make. Whether you want to buy a home together, file your taxes, or have children, an official copy of your marriage certificate will be required to complete any involved paperwork. A couple will usually receive two copies of the certificate, one for each person.

A certificate of marriage should always be kept in a secure location. Though it is possible for you to receive another copy of the document in the event of its loss or destruction, you may not have the time or funds. Put the paper somewhere you will readily remember, as you never know when you’ll need to produce it.

What Is a Personalized Certificate?

Since the document is important, you don’t want to put your marriage certificate somewhere it will become torn, faded, or crumpled. Still, you may want to show it off to people as a point of pride. This is where a personalized marriage certificate comes into play. A custom certificate is more of a decorative piece. Unlike the official paper, this option is available to couples who want to hang or display the proof of their union somewhere in their home or office.

A customized certificate does not need to adhere to a specific format. Since it can’t be used as your official proof of marriage, you can add whatever words, flourishes, or patterns you’d like. Review different templates online for custom certificates. With some inspiration, you’ll have perspective on which style might look the best hanging in your space.

Why Get a Customized Certificate?

As mentioned, personalized marriage certificates are souvenirs. You will not be able to use these documents to verify your union. Still, there are plenty of reasons to consider the option. Hanging up official documents is a way of showcasing your sense of accomplishment over a milestone. People hang their diplomas to let people know that they put the work in to get an education. Similarly, putting a marriage certificate in a frame can help you highlight how much your relationship means to you.

Is a Personalized Certificate a Good Gift?

If you’re a friend, family member, or officiant, a personalized certificate can be a lovely gift. Unexpected and sentimental presents are usually the type that will be remembered with a sense of fondness. Since many couples don’t think about keepsake certificates, you can bet that taking the initiative on a gift like this is a great way to stay in the good graces of people you care about. To truly make this an exceptional offering, have the document matted and framed so it will look perfect when put on display.

Since a wedding can come and go pretty fast, a commemorative marriage certificate gives couples a chance to freeze time and remember the official nature of the moment in a creative way. If you think this seems like a fun idea, take a look at a few templates to get an idea of your customization options and create a wonderful gift with ease.

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