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Homophobia in Comedy

It has been reported that comedian and actor Tracy Morgan went on a "homophobic rant" at a Nashville comedy club last night. His comments were not well-received by the crowd, and the backlash has been great. Comments abo ...

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Misconceptions About Online Ordinations and What To Do About Them

An unfortunate by-product of the nature of free and easily-obtainable online ordinations are the doubts people have about them. ULC ministers must combat these doubts. Yesterday, the Universal Life Church Ministries's C ...

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Online Ordinations: The Latest Trend?

The convenience and informality of online ordinations are causing it to become increasingly popular throughout the US An increasingly large number of Americans are discovering that there are many reasons to become an or ...

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Thoughts and Actions

The recent admission of online infidelity by New York Representative Anthony Weiner may have come as no surprise to you. Given his cryptic answers when questioned about the situation, there was certainly room to d ...

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Plagued by Scandal, but Not Abandoned

Pastors who have experienced scandals may be left with fewer sheep in their flock, but they are not left alone. It seems as though every day another pastor, priest or minister is plagued by a scandal. Call them pastor s ...

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A Look at The Naming Project

Everyone knows how Lady Gaga feels about being gay. Repetitive and upbeat, she declares no matter "gay, straight or bi, lesbian or transgender life, you're on the right track baby. You were born to survive," in her new s ...

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Gay rights LGBT equality

New Options to Achieve Immortality

Watching the evening news, whether it is on the computer, cable or on-demand, you notice one consistency throughout the programming on every channel:Â America's obsession with a prolonged life. One may even ...

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ULC Ministers Do More Than Perform Weddings

The hundreds of thousands of Universal Life Church Ministries ministers do more than officiate wedding ceremonies; many are called to the ULC‚ to help others. While some people get ordained online through the Univ ...

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Connecting with Nature: Find Your Power Animal

Left feeling a spiritual void after you failed to be raptured on the 21stof May? Unsure of where to take your spiritual journey between now and the next predicted end of the world in December of 2012? Why not go retro a ...

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Richard Dawkins and the God Delusion

He is unapologetic and fanatical in his argument against religion and religious fundamentalism. In his book, The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins seeks to refute the idea of a personal god. He concludes that there is absolu ...

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