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10 Apps for Spiritual Development

Many Americans use their smartphones for games and leisure, never taking advantage of the apps that are available for personal growth and development. Instead of staring at Facebook (or some other social media site) for ...

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8 Faith-Based Movies of 2017 You Might Have Missed

In March, “The Shack” opened in theaters in the U.S. to mixed reviews. Although the movie did much better than expected, it had its critics due to its unorthodox theology. Still, as a faith-based movie, it di ...

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The Man Behind the Message

If you pay attention to religious news, then you've probably seen the name Eugene Peterson in the headlines. Apparently, people should know who he is, but unless you really follow religious writings, you may not recogn ...

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Katharine Jefferts Schori - A Woman Making a Difference

In 2006, Katharine Jefferts Schori was elected presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. As such, she was chief pastor of over 109 dioceses in 17 countries. She was the first woman to be elected to this position in the ...

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Historic Churches From the Oldest City in the United States

St. Augustine, Florida, holds the claim to the "oldest continuously occupied settlement of European origin" in the mainland United States. It was founded in 1565 by a Spanish conquistador. The Spanish ruled the communi ...

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A Primer on Religion in Charlottesville

The eyes of America have been on Charlottesville. Cville, as it is colloquially known, is home to Monticello, the estate of Thomas Jefferson. Monticello is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that should be on everyone's buck ...

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Vermont Churches to Admire

Many people love to drive through Vermont in the fall to enjoy the foliage and scenery. The state might be one of the smallest, but it has some beautiful architecture in its churches. Here are six sites you should make p ...

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Setting Boundaries to Maintain Your Well-Being

If you find yourself saying yes to everything and being exhausted, you might have a problem setting boundaries. Workaholics often have a problem separating work and home life because they cannot find a balance between th ...

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Going on a Spiritual Retreat

Summer might be the time for vacations, but many people do not come back from a week of travel fully refreshed and revitalized. A hectic work schedule is traded for a frenzied week of visiting as many places as possible, ...

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Philadelphia Mosque Hosts Interfaith Peace Walk

Al-Aqsa Islamic Society is a community of Muslims in Philadelphia that does much more than simply offer religious services. The society has partnered with many civic organizations to bring art, social services and unity ...

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